who on earth are one-two digital?

Pop the kettle on, grab a seat and get comfy while we tell you the story of One-Two and how we can help YOU and your business.

rewind the tape to 1989.

The year of the Nintendo Gameboy. Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Black Box’s Ride On Time.

And the birth of our founder, Laura.

Following a youth well-spent on muddy football boots, pogs and Linkin Park, Laura was stumbling through life when she found her true calling in the world of digital marketing. After ascending the agency ranks, she started to wonder whether setting up her own company would be a lot more fun – and allow her to help even more local businesses. 

Her freelance consultancy, LMc Digital Marketing, quickly outgrew its single-person status. And so One-Two was born – gathering together Laura’s favourite collaborators to form a consultancy of talented digital experts with pin-sharp expertise across SEO, paid ads, affiliate marketing and more.

Why One-Two?

After six years of working on over 100 websites, we’ve learned that the best results, relationships and rewards come from plenty of back and forth. With a shared love of football and a good old One-Two pass, the name was a natural choice.

September 2010

Our founder Laura started in the world of marketing on a weird and wonderful internship

April 2017

After a good innings in-house and agency-side, LMc was born

January 2020

Rob & Harry came on board to grow our skillset and services

July 2021

Sent 50th invoices to two different clients who had worked with LMc from the start

June 2022

Matt joined the team to add extra paid media support

March 2023

Sent our 70th invoice to one client - six amazing years of working together

May 2023

LMc Digital officially renamed One-Two Digital to better represent the service we provide

Up next

The year we help you & your business?

Why do we do it?

We believe that digital marketing shouldn’t be overcomplicated. It should be fun, fruitful – and always working to bring your business bigger and better results.

We love what we do and we want to help as many businesses as we can understand and get excited by the benefits of digital marketing done right. When we do our monthly reports, we take real pride and joy from seeing the results we get for our clients (cheesy, but true).

Ultimately, we are here to improve business owners ‘ livelihoods, to make internal teams’ lives easier and, with the growth we generate, help create more jobs in local areas too.

Are you ready to increase your sales, revenue and profitability?

Meet the team

Laura Holyer

Yorkshire Lass, passionate about digital marketing, travel and football

Worked in marketing since: 2010

Cringiest marketing saying: “Blue sky thinking”

Proudest moment: Getting to the top of Kilimanjaro and then literally getting dragged back down it

Favourite football team: Bradford City

Client experience: From many SME's to Halfords, RBS/NatWest, Vertu Motors

Death row last meal: Arancini to start, medium rare steak with fries and chocolate fudge cake for dessert

Harry Boxhall

What he doesn’t know about SEO (and Tesla!) isn’t worth knowing

Worked in marketing since: 2014

Cringiest marketing saying: “Singing from the same hymn sheet”

Proudest moment: Beating my Dad at Scrabble with the word “Skedaddle (16 points)

Favourite football team: Manchester United

Client experience: Hisense, Cirrus Research, Myrtle & Maude

Death row last meal: Tomahawk steak

Rob Bromilow

Proud Dad, Mancunian and a safe pair of hands for your paid media campaigns

Worked in marketing since: 2008

Cringiest marketing saying: “Low hanging fruit”

Proudest moment: Becoming a Dad

Favourite football team: Manchester United

Client experience: Al Fresco Holidays, DOMU Brands

Death row last meal: All you can eat pizza and chips - with a cold beer

Matt Aikenhead

Passionate about all things digital & love watching pretty much every sport

Worked in marketing since: 2016

Cringiest marketing saying: “Touch base offline”

Proudest moment: British kickboxing champion champion age 16

Favourite football team: Manchester City

Client experience: Webuyanycar, Regatta, DOMU Brands

Death row last meal: Chateaubriand steak with beef dripping sauce

Looking for a marketing team you can trust and rely on to give you good results - Always?