client case study - Monster Pet Supplies
A long term partnership & commitment to affiliate marketing


35% growth in revenue
26% increase in average order value
2nd top driving revenue channel
We’ve been working with Laura and the team since 2017. After we’d managed it in-house for a while, One-Two took the results to the next level. Everything is transparent and well managed. There are always new opportunities presented to us and testing new things”
Darragh, Managing Director, Monster Pet Supplies


We were approached by Monster Pet Supplies as they were looking for affiliate marketing support to take over the management of a well established programme they’d been running in-house. It needed dedicated focus & expertise to take the results to the next level – enter One-Two.

This was back in 2017 and we’re still working together now. We like to stick around!


As we always do, we started out by taking time to understand the business, the goals and what the current approach to the affiliate management had been. Then we moved onto the audit stage to review many things; the breadth of partners onboard, click and sales active publishers, data analysis on activity etc etc. Then we were in a position to outline an ongoing strategy and work on monthly deliverables to achieve goals.


Challenge: Lack of discount codes

Solution: Affiliates don’t need 75 discount codes to work, success can be achieved without exclusive codes, it just needs more work with affiliates to understand their needs & how we can work together more. Promotional offers instead of codes were communicated regularly and we work(ed) with partners to see what else we can work with to get exposure. 

Challenge: Demonstrating the value of affiliates to different stakeholders in the business
Solution: Not everyone understands affiliate marketing, and not in the way that we do – it’s a challenge we’ve come across countless times. The key here was to get back to basics in showing clear reporting of key metrics; impressions, clicks, sales, revenue, who was promoting us (how & where) and show how affiliates played a role in the purchasing journey to show attributed numbers. 


  • 35% growth in revenue from affiliates since launch
  • 26% increase in average order value from work to increase basket value & number of products bought
  • Affiliates is the 2nd top driving revenue channel for the site
  • From 170 publishers on board in 2013 we’ve seen natural growth by around 150 new affiliates per year – now totalling 1671
  • Assisted revenue from affiliates up 10% year on year
  • Record breaking figures in 2020 with capitalising on the affiliate space for pets in lockdown
  • Over the years the account has grown steadily in terms of recruitment into the program

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