client case study - Roomzzz Aparthotels
Coming back from lockdown to record-breaking revenues
SERVICES DELIVERED: Affiliates | Digital marketing strategy | Hotel Ads | Paid Search Advertising | Paid Social Advertising


30% increase in site traffic
44% increase in revenue
Record breaking revenue months
“It’s great working with One-Two Digital. Quality service delivered by a team of friendly, yet results driven professionals. We’ve worked together since 2020 and in that we’ve been able to implement an effective digital marketing strategy which is always adapting and have seen bookings increase significantly. Highly recommended”
Bianca, Marketing Manager


Roomzzz had worked with other agencies and had tried running the digital marketing in-house but always felt it could be improved and needed more dedicated focus and an overall strategy. 

The channels that were being used were Google Ads and Meta Hotel Ads (Google hotel ads)

One-Two were appointed to take on the paid digital advertising in November 2020 on an ongoing retainer.  


The first port of call was to do a full digital marketing audit, covering many areas; website performance, tracking & data checks, effectiveness of each marketing channel. This led into showing the opportunities for new areas & an ongoing digital strategy. 

One of the biggest areas of improvement was within the Google Ads account as the audit found that there was a lot of ineffective spend on keywords that weren’t best suited. A full restructure was put in place to better target keywords and give opportunities for testing. Negative keywords were added and continue to be added. One use of negatives which proved to be effective in reducing spend and improving CPA was to add negative keywords around anything where a customer had already booked to stay; directions, check in times, arrival, parking etc. 

Over the course of our time working together new channels have been introduced to have a multi channel digital marketing approach. Bing Ads, setting up an affiliate programme on AWIN and new partners within meta hotel ads were some of the most significant introductions which saw great success.  The multi-channel approach resulted in multiple revenue streams and not relying on one source, and also being able to create a full funnelled strategy targeting the top, middle and bottom of the purchasing funnel to interact with users in different ways at each stage. 

Roomzzz are a dream client and we work closely with the marketing & commercial teams. The results achieved are a testament to this team and how we work together to achieve great things – and an award winning website from Roomzzz certainly helps! Ways of working have adapted throughout the relationship to ensure that reporting and communication are as efficient as possible. There’s always room(zzz) for improvements…


As with all industries and businesses there have been a few bumps in the road… there’s always a solution to be found, especially when working together closely.

Challenge – Activity started when we were still in a lockdown and hotels weren’t fully open. 

Solution – It was decided to ‘keep the lights on’ during this time and remain visible for when the hotels were fully open and we’d be at the forefront of people’s minds. Spend was reduced in generic areas, small scale brand activity on paid social and honed in on branded activity with limited spend.

Challenge – Following lockdowns was the cost of living crisis in which there was an element of uncertainty on how it might impact sales and consumer behaviours

Solution – Whilst not a situation anyone can control, there were several things we looked at together; inspirational ad copy & promotion of offers to the middle and bottom of funnel, test using from prices in ad copy to better qualify users and improve conversion rate. Roomzzz provided a suite of ad creative & offers.

Challenge – Bring more direct bookings from the Roomzzz websites vs online travel agents such as and

Solution – Being present on multiple channels and using display retargeting via Google and paid social helped to generate more awareness and get in front of users who showed intent at converting. Pushing the benefits of booking direct and the membership scheme helped achieve this too. The split between direct bookings vs OTA’s has reversed and more now come directly from the Roomzzz website. 

Challenge – Hotels at fully occupied levels and others with much more capacity  

Solution – Regular communication and reporting between the One-Two team and Roomzzz has been key here to identify different occupancy levels and spend by location. We have a strategy in place to push and pull levers based on availability. For example, if one location is fully booked, we’ll bring down advertising spend and if one location has capacity for more bookings we can turn on additional campaigns to drive demand or change commission levels to push further. 


  • 30% increase in site traffic
  • 44% increase in revenue
  • Blended return on ad spend at 1,000% consistently
  • Several record breaking months of revenue for the business
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