Get more from your business data

Gain valuable and actionable insights with our data analysis services so you can achieve more from your website, analysis and wealth of business data that you don’t know where to start with it all.

We’ve been working with Laura and the team since January 2018 and our PPC has gone from strength to strength and has been a fundamental part in the businesses success & growth over the last few years.

Oliver Hudson, BlindsbyPost

data analysis is part and parcel of a digital marketing consultant

But we work with clients on wider, in-depth analysis to solve business problems and challenges. 

There’s generally a wealth of data available but using it effectively, piecing it all together and getting the most from it to give insights and actionable.

types of projects worked on:

  • Analysis on how people were using the intranet; how often staff logged on, what content was getting the most and least engagement, where were users clicking and how performance differed by job role and department

  • Review & analyse survey results – Collate and summarise to provide insights from quantitative and qualitative data

  • Understanding customer behaviour and after sales performance

  • Ad creative reviews – Analyse best and worse creative types for ongoing content & creative plans

  • UX reviews and website performance reviews – Using Hotjar and Google Analytics to create actionable insights

Our process



Understand the project and issues



Project setting to outline what the analysis will answer



Excel wizardry begins to get deep into the data and I go into my happy place



Reporting including raw data, summary slides and action lists

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