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No setting and forgetting here, full funnelled paid social ads which fit in with your marketing goals & objectives.

We’ve been working with Laura and the team since January 2018 and our PPC has gone from strength to strength and has been a fundamental part in the businesses success & growth over the last few years.

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Take your paid social advertising to the next level with One-Two

Paid social advertising can be a bit of a minefield, we’ve seen it done badly with lots of wasted spend but also seen (and deliver) it done really well to deliver incredible results.

We work with our clients to develop & deliver strategies to not just be seen by your potential customer base but to engage, convert & nurture them. It’s far from boosting posts but fully fledged campaigns catering for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel to achieve specific objectives which work for your business.


What we offer

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

TikTok Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Paid social strategy

Paid social training

Our process

Whilst our execution & strategy for paid social ads is different for every business, we follow our S.C.O.R.E framework, so every process is the same:



Initial kick off call & understanding of goals / priorities to lead into the ongoing strategy. Review any previous campaigns & ad accounts



We’ll create a funnelled strategy with campaigns tailored to a different objective using specific ad creative & messaging



Creation of new ads, product sets, audience targeting – the list of optimisation we do is endless



What campaigns are working well, what’s not, which are the best performing ads & how can we replicate the best



Use data & insights to inform tests that we can do; a/b tests, new creative formats, testing audiences


What are paid social ads best practices?

Firstly, you need to decide on the best platform for your target audience and what you’re hoping to achieve without knowing the audience & objectives you won’t see much success with paid social ads.

Best practices are to:

  • Set up using all available tracking pixels & conversion points
  • Use varied audience targeting; demographics, interests, lookalikes, retargeting
  • Be consistent with creatives – the look & feel and ad messaging should all be consistent and memorable
  • Don’t be afraid to test. Don’t just go on your gut feeling whether it will work, test it!
  • Think about your purchasing funnel and what stages are involved in buying & use this to inform your ad account structure…
  • Have multiple campaigns / ad sets and ads. Success can be in the structure – not just what your ads look like
  • Never set & forget – Monitor your results and be mindful of ad fatigue
  • Use varied campaign objectives. Setting everything to achieve sales isn’t likely to work on a cold audience, there should be different objectives based on the goal i.e video views, engagement, add to cart, purchases etc

How much should I spend on paid social advertising?

The golden question… and we hate to say it, but it depends! It varies based on what you want to achieve, what brand assets you have, how well known your brand is, what you sell – any many more factors.

You can spend as little or as much as you want with paid social advertising but should be mindful of minimum spend levels required per ad set.

What is the best platform for paid social ads?

TikTok? Meta? Linkedin? Twitter? That’s hard to say as it depends on what you want to achieve & what creative you have. Here’s a snapshot of what each channel is good for:

Facebook Ads – Great targeting capabilities (not as good as it used to be, good job GDPR!), varied advert formats and flexibility within the system

Instagram Ads – See above as it runs through meta business manager too. Instagram has a different audience so is great for story, reels and standout image creative – and has the same benefits on the targeting & flexibility

LinkedIn – It’s expensive, not as robust as meta ads but it’s the best B2B platform so can be worth it. Just needs a bit more budget, some strong creative and a very well thought out strategy

Twitter – Meh… it still can be okay, targeting isn’t as strong but it can good to increase brand reach & engagement. For specific sales targets, we’d also recommend meta over Twitter (soz, Elon)

TikTok – The ads platform is getting better, it’s cheap and has a great reach potential. Sophistication of targeting isn’t as good just yet but it’s definitely one to watch and for some brands it should be first on the media schedule.

Are paid social ads effective?

They certainly can be when they’re done right. It all comes down to the strategy though. Expecting a cold audience who’ve never heard of you before to buy your product is a long shot, even with some compelling creative. It takes a lot of effort to nurture this cold audience with multiple ads to warm them up enough to want to buy from you. 

Paid social can see some cracking returns but also look at the bigger picture with social & have an attributed view to look at true success.


Here’s how we’ve helped some of our clients using our SCORE framework…

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